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Finally, a vehicle to get around every day the way you like to, with more energy and fun.


The Aprilia SR-GT is perfect for any urban and suburban situation: responsive in the face of obstacles, a sporty personality, agile and stable thanks to long-travel suspension and sculpted wheels ideal for any road surface.


Recognisable at a glance with its 100% gritty Aprilia look. Protective and functional, with a riding position that allows for perfect mastery of the road.

From the track to the road, Aprilia’s sporty spirit remains the same.


Aprilia SR-GT satisfies your instinct for adventure every day.

Its character is clear at first glance: original design with aggressive lines and two-tone livery, sporty trim, high-quality materials, and unmistakeable Italian style.

Aprilia SR-GT has an unbridled passion for movement. It gives its utmost in urban traffic and has no fear of obstacles.


The long-travel suspension absorbs potholes in the city and accompanies you comfortably over long distances and outings on bumpy surfaces.


The brakes with wavy disc make braking more efficient in any situation and the protective front end improves the ride in any weather conditions.


The motorcycle-inspired naked handlebar, the full LED lights, and the compartment under the saddle spacious enough for a  helmet are functional elements that give it a unique look.

The Aprilia SR-GT looks like you: non-conforming character, loves new experiences, and fears no obstacle.


Ready and quick thanks to the new i-get engines, it combines agility with extreme stability.


The active riding position increases the fun, safety, and ease of manoeuvring, whereas the dual footpeg position lets you relax on long trips.

Staying connected on the road is simple with Aprilia MIA (accessory), which connects the LCD dashboard to your smartphone (via Bluetooth).


A convenient USB charging port is located in the compartment on the leg shield back plate

SR GT 125cc - £3800

SR GT 125cc SPORT - £3900

Brand New on the road

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