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In 1948 when Piaggio launched the first of their successful and iconic Ape three-wheel transport vehicles they revolutionised the lives of thousands worldwide, from farmers to postal services. 

In 2006 Piaggio transformed the personal transport market with the launch of the Piaggio MP3 tilting trike - and a few years later expanded this market, making a few minor adjustments, and enabled non-motorcycle licence holders to experience the freedom of riding. 

Fast forward to today's post Covid world, where online shopping is rapidly becoming the new normal, and in which the worldwide market for home delivery services is expanding exponentially.

Piaggio recognised that not all vehicles are suited to this sector, taking their knowledge and experience from producing not only 3 wheel vehicles but also the worldwide success story of the Piaggio Liberty Delivery bikes, they went about designing an affordable, economical, safe and stable solution - the PIAGGIO MYMOOVER



For any delivery vehicle design the ability to carry safely is essential - Piaggio have addressed this within the design of the MYMOOVER by building into it a 261 litre back box with a huge 60kg load limit, added to this there is a 20kg load limit on the front rack, and a 5kg A3 document bag inside the leg shield, creating a delivery bike which exceeds the carrying capacity of a conventional 2 wheel vehicle by up to 80%.


 As on the Piaggio Liberty Delivery, the back box is mounted where a pillion passenger would sit, this positioning allows the load to move with the bike as if it were a passenger, enabling even the maximum load weight to be carried safely without affecting the balance of the bike.

The PIAGGIO MYMOOVER utilises a similar 'tilt lock' and handbrake design to the Piaggio MP3, meaning it can be stood securely upright for loading and unloading without the need for a stand, even on a sloping or uneven surface and two gas struts prevent the box lid from slamming.


With a tall windscreen, wide front shield and integrated hand guards, a low, 760mm seat height and a flat foot platform, designed with frequent mounts and dismounts in mind, the PIAGGIO MYMOOVER offers easy, obstruction free access for any rider in all weathers.

The tilting design of the MYMOOVER, and 80cm overall width, means it rides and can cut through traffic like a standard delivery scooter, but adds a third wheel for additional stability under load on today's uneven roads. With an extra wheel comes an extra brake, and with the linked CBS braking system offers an extra level of stopping ability. 

On top of all this there is a USB charger to keep phones topped up on the go - an essential for any delivery driver! 

The engine is a Piaggio 125cc Euro 5 model, meaning this can be ridden on a CBT with L-plates, producing a top speed of around 50 mph and delivering a fuel economy of around 100 mpg - perfect for the urban environment in which the MYMOOVER will find itself. 

For more information, to book a viewing, to order one for yourself or a fleet for your company, please contact us - details linked below.

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