The Piaggio Liberty Delivery Bike is a purpose built scooter for delivery drivers - such as Just Eat or Deliveroo - used widely across Europe by postal services and other such delivery specific companies the Piaggio Liberty Delivery Bike has been purpose built with deliveries in mind.

Available in a 50cc Delivery moped or 125cc Delivery scooter variant this Piaggio Liberty has been designed from the ground up to be the perfect 2 wheel delivery companion.

To meet the needs of delivery drivers the bike comes equipped with a huge 75L top box, constructed from secure and sturdy ABS plastic - not thin correx or polyureothane as most pizza delivery boxes out there on the market are - supplied with two keys the top opening box is not only secure but is capable of holding the full size thermal delivery bags supplied to Just Eat drivers as well as others.

Not only does this box have a 75l capacity, with it's generous 30cm x 50cm x 40cm dimensions, the purpose built rack has been moved forward on the bike to sit above the rear wheel and suspension units meaning there is a 40kg load capacity and avoiding the light steering issues which can occur when an over laden box is mounted on a standard carrying rack.


This design also does away with any need to fit a lift and tilt rear rack as the petrol cap remains fully accessible with the box in place and has plenty of surface space to be used for branding or advertising.

In addition to the delivery top box - innovative features such as high wheels for stability and raised kerb maneuvering coupled with light confident handling, a flat foot plate and bag hook, a double sided, reinforced centre stand, heavy duty side stand, locking brake lever for loading and other up-rated parts along with a 6000 mile service interval and fantastic fuel economy make the Piaggio Liberty Delivery an ideal solution for self employed drivers or as an addition to any delivery fleet.

Available in store in black or white - with free L-Plates at £2699 + OTR (£75 reg and tax) - as well as on lease plan deals - why not call us and see if the Piaggio Liberty Delivery suits your needs.


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