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Electric mobility will never be the same.


Introducing the Vespa Elettrica, a stylish interpretation of the desire for a new relationship between vehicle, environment and technology

Delivering outstanding pick-up, easy and enjoyable riding and up to 100 km of uninterrupted riding thanks to the lithium-ion battery which also includes an energy recovery system during deceleration.


The beating heart of the Vespa Elettrica is a silent, technologically advanced power unit.



The Vespa Elettrica not only eliminates harmful emissions but is totally silent, whether in eco-power saving mode or when using the motor to its full potential. A smart choice indeed when it comes to counteracting the background hum of the city and contributing to liveability.

The Vespa Elettrica is a breeze to ride. The underseat compartment not only holds the purpose-designed helmet but also contains the battery recharge cable which can be connected to wall-mounted electrical sockets or public charging stations. The battery fully recharges in 4 hours and, like the engine, needs no maintenance.


03 Vespa Elettrica 70 kmh-1100x619_640x3

The 4.3 inch colour TFT digital dashboard provides riding parameters and offers journey statistics designed to help improve riding style.


The Vespa Mia system, developed by Piaggio Group, allows for full connectivity between vehicle and smartphone. Bluetooth communication and a dedicated app transform the display into an extension of the smartphone, which can be used without removing your hands from the handlebar, meaning you can  answer calls, view message notifications, activate voice commands and even manage your music choice. The app also saves that the parameters and last position of the vehicle.

Create a totally electric experience by choosing an electric blue finish or maybe you'll prefer one of the five other colours. Then there's plenty of scope for personalising your bike with details such as the shield edge, horn cover decoration, wheel rim edges, logo outline and saddle stitching.
After all, it's always the details which make the real difference.


Choose your combination of accessories and make your Vespa Elettrica experience totally unique.

Vespa Elettrica L1 - 30mph / 50kmh - £6350

Vespa Elettrica L3 - 45mph / 70kmh £6300

Brand New on the road

(OTR price includes any applicable grants)

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