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Vespa Batik

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Vespa honours cultural identity with a special edition dedicated to Indonesia

When an iconic brand meets Indonesian heritage, Vespa Batik is born. It is a special, one-of-a-kind edition which interprets a thousand-year-old art form in a modern way. This model represents the perfect match between the Italian soul of Vespa and the roots of the Indonesian people, and celebrates culture as a way of searching for a deeper understanding of one another, as well as a way of finding purpose, experiencing wonder, and construct new shared realities.

Vespa Batik pays homage to the diversity that characterises the nation-archipelago, thus celebrating all cultural diversities. Each motif inspires and incorporates different symbols, philosophies, and meanings that fully reflect Vespa’s values.

The iconic “Verde Amabile” is enriched with details depicting batik patterns. This millenary art of dyeing – was added to UNESCO’s "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity" list in 2009– is portrayed in a contemporary key, through a pattern created and designed exclusively for Vespa.

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The main batik pattern on Vespa Batik LX 125 i-get special edition is an adaptation of the "Tambal Jagad" traditional motif, a deep in philosophy batik pattern that depicts a collage of various batik motifs inspired by different background and cultures representing Indonesia as an archipelago nation.

The pattern design in Vespa Batik symbolises a combination of 7 designs symbolising from Sebang to Merauke - shortland for the territorial extent of Indonesia from west to east.

Vespa is a global brand that has always known how to maintain its identity while acting as a driving force for each of its owners’ uniqueness. The present of Vespa Batik celebrates both the freedom to be oneself and the pride binding everyone to their own cultural roots.

Likewise, Indonesia has always recognised and maintained its deep bond with Vespa, which has represented a lifestyle and a status symbol since the 1950s.

This longevity has allowed the brand to build the perfect bridge between different cultures, united in their love for the iconic “two wheels”.

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